We will help your business to attract new customers or excite its existing customers by,

  • Online advertisement of your sales and special offerings.
  • Listing your business in our Business Directory 
  • Including advertisements in some of our email campaigns.  
  • Improving your SEO with backlinks to your website.  

The answer is why not since we are offering all our services to you free of charge for six months if you agree to add our Icon to your website. 

As an early member,  your membership fees will be locked at $9 per month or $99 per year for at least two years if you agree to add  Icon to your website. Otherwise, your membership will be $19 per month or $20 per year.   

Yes, you can.  All we ask for in return is for you to share your ad publicly on Facebook or Instagram.  Your public acknowledgment of our services will help us to get more traffic which will be better for you and all our customers  

You cancel at anytime

The honest answer is that we are new and trying to build an online reputation. So, we are keeping our fees low for clients who join now.   The good news is that we will increase our fees in the next couple of years. So if you join now for a $9 per month members fee, your membership fee remains at $9 per month for two years.  

Not directly, Houstonian.us is not an eCommerce company.  We are an advertising agency.  However, we can link your advertisement to your website so you can sell your products directly to your customers.  We can also add an e-commerce extension for your website if you do not have one for a small $9 per month fee. 

Yes. Per company policy, we do not allow our members to advertise for any type of sexual orientated services, gambling services, or sexual products.

Pre-Registration to qualify for six months free membership

Houston business owners… Are you tired of giving a percentage of your sales to discount websites companies like Groupon? Are you wasting your money on Pay per Click advertising? Here is your chance to free yourself from costly online advertising by becoming a merchant member of Houstonian.us. Join Houstonian.us before our official launch and enjoy six months of free digital advertising.

Become a member before our official launch date and post your discounts, coupons, or sales on our website as a digital coupon free for six months. You can also generate immediate sales by linking your advertisement to your business website, enabling you to sell them without sharing a cent. Don’t you have to have an eCommerce website? We can create an e-commerce website extension for you for free. You only pay $9 per month for hosting fees.

After the six months of free membership, you can retain your membership at a 50% discount for only $9 per month. Or, you can cancel your membership with no questions asked.

Attract new customers, and excite your old customers with Houstonian.us. So register your business below and start your digital marking at no cost today! It is that simple.

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